The Second Interesting Pet Fair
Tianjin International Pet Industry Expo

Exhibition time: 2024.5.24-26
Venue: Tianjin National Convention and Exhibition Center

Bohai Sea region is China’s important pet food, pet feed and pet supplies production base and pet concentration, with great market opportunities. Tianjin is the largest coastal open city in the north of China, the leisure capital of the north, the international consumption center city, the economic center of the Bohai Rim region, and one of the four municipalities directly under the central government.
In addition, the landing of the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Tianjin, which is the largest exhibition center in the north, will promote Tianjin’s convention and exhibition industry to continue to grow bigger and stronger. Tianjin “Fun Pet Fair” will also bring infinite business opportunities for exhibitors to occupy the northern market, and will have a significant publicity effect on enhancing the brand influence of exhibitors in the national pet consumption market.

Preview of Forum Activities

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Wang Yang
Director of Supply Chain and Distribution Division, Pandin International Group

Topic–Pet Products Going Overseas

Event Time: 2024.5.24-26 14:00
Venue: Hall N28
China – Tianjin National Convention and Exhibition Center
Interesting Exhibition for All People
Combining the characteristics of Tianjin culture and tourism, enriching the pet industry chain, planning the exhibition route, making the exhibition more targeted, playful and fun. Say goodbye to worries, save time and cost for all exhibition visitors, and create a new “game and fun” exhibition.

Brand “fun” promotion
The whole new media matrix marketing, multimedia all-channel for the exhibition warm-up in advance to link high-quality enterprises and visitors. Create 200,000+ pet B and C-end traffic pool, and interact with the whole industry chain.

Interesting product selection by celebrities
Live broadcast matrix, inviting more than 100 V and community leaders to select products live to realize the brand and the traffic bear the site “match”, to help KOL people and brands break through the bottleneck of their own operations, and open up new opportunities for innovative development!

Exhibitors 100000+
Exhibition area 50,000 square meters

Exhibitors 800+
Top products 20000+


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