Time never fails
Every seed that grows upward
May all your work be rewarded
All your hard work will pay off
The daily grind of dreaming
Shine a light on the mountains and the rivers
Cheer for yourself today
Start your vacation full of energy

The early summer breeze is picking up, and the May Day vacation is underway.
Don’t let the happiness be absent, don’t miss the scenery around you again
A long vacation for you to take off the fatigue of the 9 to 6 workday.
Accompany you to start the summer rhythm, which is not the daily speed.
Lighting up more beautiful daily life for the holiday
Welcome to the newly born summer

Holiday Arrangement
According to the State Council Holiday Holiday Notice, 2024 “May Day” Labor Day Holiday and the transfer of matters are notified as follows:
May Day holiday May 1 – May 5, a total of 5 days. April 28 (Sunday), May 11 (Saturday) normal work.


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