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Shenzhen Fashion Home Design Week

Shenzhen International Furniture Fair


Address: Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center

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As a platform for China’s large home furnishing industry, this exhibition buttresses the upstream and downstream resources of the large home furnishing industry chain, promotes cross-border exchanges and synergistic development.

Here, you can find the latest works of the world’s top home furnishing brands, meet the latest trends in the home furnishing industry, and experience the global cutting-edge lifestyle.

Admission time

Exhibitors: 09:00-17:30

Professional Visitors:

May 25-27: 09:30-17:30

May 28: 09:30-17:00 (14:00 Registration Hall closes for registration)

In the global economic downturn, consumer tightening environment, home furnishings, on the contrary, has become one of the few categories of counter-growth! And continue to maintain a strong growth momentum, even more than electronic products and clothing. In February of this year, U.S. online sales in the home furnishings category grew 12.9% year-over-year, with spending reaching $9.4 billion for the month.

From May 25-28, 2023, Shenzhen Fashion Home Design Week and the 38th Shenzhen International Furniture Design Exhibition will be grandly opened at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center!

Panex WD International Group cordially invites partners from all walks of life to come to the exhibition, and we look forward to your presence in Hall 10 – 10F08!

SZCW Full Media Matrix Empowerment


Shenzhen Fashion Home Design Week explores N ways of presenting “beautiful home life” and “trendy outdoor life”, horizontally expanding the whole system of contemporary home

furnishings, materials, mansions, light, intelligence, public buildings, etc., with 400+ head brands and six new lifestyles. Total chain of the most IN home design tide.

From May 25-28, Shenzhen Fashion Home Design Week and the 38th Shenzhen International Furniture Design Exhibition, with the theme of “New Design in Shenzhen”, will present an era of design culture, values, styles and genres. Gathering the power of international design, presenting the latest trends, creating a better lifestyle, this early summer, with you.

Nine parallel exhibitions

Showing the beautiful life form from good home life to “trendy outdoor life”!

The debut of original new Chinese furniture products from top 200 brands in China

International design and Chinese design mingling field

New Ecology of Intelligent Life

Contemporary young consumers and art and culture innovation new field

Interaction between innovative materials and national trend IP

Exploration of Design Light Field

Public Art Trend Setting

New Forms of Urban Outdoor Life

200+ Pioneering Forums

Explore “Future Answers” for the Industry

The annual Shenzhen Fashion Home Design Week, in addition to a wide range of new home furnishing products, creative activities, and industry forums scattered in the major thematic exhibitions, from the eight forums in 2020 to the ten forums in 2022, discussing topics from the release of new furniture to the future direction of design, from the trend of high-quality public construction to the full-scene intelligent solutions, from the decoding of the young business to the proposal of the product power of the residential exhibition, from the light decoration technology to the application of materials to share, and so on, to explore the “future answer” for the industry. From young business decoding to residential exhibition product power proposal, from light decoration technology to material application sharing, etc., to jointly explore the “future answer” for the industry.

Notice for Visiting the Exhibition

In order to maintain good order during the exhibition and provide an elegant and high-quality exhibition environment for exhibitors and visitors, the organizers have made the following rules for exhibitors’ on-site behavior, which will be implemented during the 2023 Shenzhen Fashion Home Design Week and the 38th Shenzhen International Furniture Design Exhibition. The maintenance of the image of the high-end exhibition requires your joint efforts!

Transportation Guide

(For reference only)

Shenzhen Baoan International Airport – Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center:

Metro (about 23 minutes):

Metro Line 11 (Airport Line) (Bitou direction)

Airport Get on board (Exit A) – Airport North (station transfer)

Transfer to Metro Line 20 (direction of Convention Center)

Airport North Get on – Guozhan South – Guozhan – Guozhan North Get off (Exit C1)

Driving (about 40 minutes)

Option 1: Pilotage Viaduct Bao’an Avenue Fuzhou Avenue, total 18.7km

Option 2: Pilotage Viaduct Guangshen Highway Fengtang Avenue, the total distance is 23.7 kilometers.

Option 3: Jinwan Avenue S3 Guangshen Yanjiang Highway Fengtang Avenue, the total distance is 32.4 km.


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