Happy Mother’s Day

This ordinary day is wonderful because of you

Dear Mom, I wish you

Be Lovely and Loved All Your Life


Mother’s Love – Year after year

Love mom, not limited to Mother’s Day

HEY MOM – Lovely You

Mother’s love is the trivial delicacy between food and oil and salt

It’s the countless times that you’ve been held in a low tone

Although you are not superhuman

But you have become an all-powerful person for me

When I was young, I wanted to go to the ends of the earth with my sword

When I grew up, I just wanted to stay by my mother’s side and count the years

The universe is vast and life is great

Only a mother and her child have ever shared a heartbeat

No matter how big the world is

Mom is always the most beautiful focus

In the name of love, I will be with you until you grow old

In the name of love, we will grow old together.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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