2023 China Cross-border E-commerce Trade Fair (Fall)
Successful closing!

New Dynamics of Foreign Trade – New Digital Future
2023-Fall Interfair-2023

Exhibition Review
On August 20, 2023 China Cross-border E-commerce Fair (Autumn) (hereinafter referred to as “China Cross-border Fair”) was successfully concluded in Area A of Canton Fair Complex.
With the theme of “New Dynamics of Foreign Trade – New Digital Future”, China Cross-border E-commerce Fair covers an exhibition area of about 40,000 square meters, with three exhibition areas: cross-border e-commerce suppliers, cross-border e-commerce platforms and service providers, and cross-border e-commerce pilot zones and industrial parks.
During the three-day exhibition, cross-border e-commerce business people from all over the country gathered in Yangcheng to talk about cross-border, and to join together to create a cross-border e-commerce carnival.
Xu Yufeng, Vice President of Panex WD International Group, was interviewed by the media to learn about cross-border enterprises and warehousing supply chain, and to help the cross-border industry develop in a new way with persistence, cross-border services Panex WD International Group has been working hard. Thanks to all the media for their concern and love for Panex WD International Group.

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Zhu Jinhong, Sales Manager of Panex WD International Group WorldDepot Fuzhou, was interviewed by Interfair Cloud live broadcast, bringing you the passion of Interfair. Panex WD International Group demonstrates the new vitality of the industry, and endeavors to contribute to the accurate docking of resources, and builds a new bridge to the cross-border market.

Wang Yang, Director of Distribution Business Unit of Panex WD International Group, delivered a keynote speech at the CrossFair Forum event, sharing the topic: Pet Product Manufacturers – The Inside Scroll and Opportunities of Marketing Abroad.

Panex WD International Group booth
Panex WD International Group, as a global leading integrated supply chain service provider, provides customers with one-stop full-chain logistics and supply chain services, reduces logistics costs, improves circulation efficiency, creates a better supply chain system, and helps high-quality brands, factories, and cross-border e-commerce companies realize global sales.

Panex WD International Group’s booth attracted a lot of attendees at this cross-fair, demonstrating a new service outlook and professional attitude. In the future, we will continue to set sail and work hard to do a good job in cross-border services, opening a new chapter for brands to go to sea.


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