As a leading global supply chain service provider, We, Panex WD International Group, utilize a global network of self-operated warehouses and maintain strong partnerships with major shipping lines such as MSK, COSCO, and Evergreen. During peak seasons, we ensure both space availability and competitive pricing advantages.


With a fleet of 30+ local trucks, equipped with 2 container frames each, we provide efficient transportation services for container pickup at port, and port-to-warehouse transportation. Our self-developed system enables integrated management of ocean freight, documentation, warehouse planning, fleet transportation, and container unpacking and storage. We can handle up to 150 shipments of 40HQ containers per day at Rotterdam, Netherlands.


Our dedicated team ensures efficient unloading and storage operations, completing the unpacking process for a 40HQ container within 15 minutes with minimal cargo damage.


With real-time tracking of container and pallet numbers, our WMS system ensures accurate and traceable outbound shipments. We load and dispatch a 40HQ container within 25 minutes with a picking accuracy rate exceeding 99.9%.


Our warehouse workers excel in various operations, including pallet repair and reinforcement, maintaining a packaging integrity rate of over 99.9% for outbound shipments.


Through strategic partnerships with leading trucking companies in Europe, we provide cost-effective transportation solutions, boosting turnover efficiency by 20%.


With a network of over 3,000 installation companies in Europe, we streamline the installation process, reducing the average installation cycle by 30-50 days compared to the market average.


Integrating overseas warehousing and distribution, we help clients access the end markets promptly and cost-effectively, reducing sales costs by 30%.


Our local customs clearance and tax teams ensure compliance with regulations and provide VAT deferral solutions, helping the client save unnecessary VAT expenses of 21%, all compliant with regulations.


The solutions above serve our solar PV clients very well. They are handling more and more business to us.


In all, Panex is committed to delivering exceptional one-stop supply chain solution package, enabling our clients in clean energy industry to thrive in the global marketplace.