Congratulations to Panex WD International Group for being listed on the

“2022 China’s Top 100 Cross-Border E-Commerce Companies”.

On March 30th, the cross-border e-commerce roundtable hosted by the E-commerce Research Center of Netherspace and the Cross-border E-commerce Desk of Netherspace (CBEC.100EC.CN) was successfully held in the Netherspace headquarters, Netherspace Tower, at which the “2022 China Cross-border E-commerce Market Data Report” was released.

The report released the “2022 China Cross-border E-commerce “Top 100 List”, which aims to reflect the current development of cross-border e-commerce enterprises in China. The list consists of 100 companies categorized according to industry segments, including export cross-border e-commerce, import cross-border e-commerce, and cross-border e-commerce service providers.

Panex WD International Group was honored to be listed in the “2022 China Top 100 Cross-border E-commerce Companies” – Cross-border E-commerce Service Providers section. The list was made through a comprehensive assessment by the e-commerce research center of Nethersole based on the enterprise data included in the e-commerce database “Electricity Number Treasure”, including hard indicators such as platform size, revenue, profit, investment and financing (valuation), monthly activity, rating, as well as soft indicators such as industry influence and reputation, etc. The enterprises on the list are the domestic leading platforms in various fields. The enterprises on the list are the leading platforms in various fields.


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