Sales Director


Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the overall work of the sales team, implement sales activities, complete the team’s annual, quarterly, and monthly sales tasks, control the direction and progress of sales tasks, and report the implementation to the superior;

2. Form a positive, efficient, innovative, and energetic team, and establish an internal performance and incentive system based on the company’s rules to ensure the improvement of the overall ability of the team;

3. Responsible for giving work guidance to the sales team, and team performance;

4. Responsible for maintaining the friendly relationship with merchants/customers, reaching a long-term win-win strategic cooperation plan, and continuously improving merchant/customer satisfaction;

5. Pay close attention to the trends of industry and development, accurately position business management ideas, and adjust business strategies and policies in light of actual market conditions;

6. Formulate the quotation system for cross-border business according to the company’s price strategy;

7. Monitor the process and quality of business operations, assist in solving problems in business operations, have a good ability to predict possible problems, find out in time and deal with them effectively;

8. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.


Job requirements:

1. 2-3 years and above management experience;

2. 3-5 years or more working experience in import business, ideally in categories like beauty, maternal and children, personal care products; experience in multinational beauty companies is preferred;

3. Strong communication skills and abilities of logical thinking and product ;

4. Strong sense of teamwork, hard work, sense of responsibility, good performance under pressure;

5. Strong planning ability and excellent writing skills;

6. Possess good marketing strategies and capabilities, outstanding data analysis, keen market insight and responsiveness.

Job Location: Hangzhou
Job Category: Sales
Job Type: Full Time
Publish Date: 2023/08/01

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