Purchasing Manager/Procurement Specialist


Job Responsibilities:

1. Formulate brand expansion and procurement plans according to the company’s business development needs; be responsible for global brand development and procurement; be responsible for the development and expansion of global supplier channels, and establish fast and effective communication and cooperation with suppliers;

2. Collect and analyze supplier information and procurement market trends, implement supplier development and supplier process control management, formulate effective procurement strategies, and establish stable supply channels;

3. Responsible for company background investigation, supply channels, strength and other company investigations of new suppliers, cooperate with overseas colleagues to conduct on-site inspections and cooperation negotiations, record and feedback cooperation suggestions on inspections and negotiations;

4. Responsible for the maintenance of supplier cooperation relationship, follow up the purchase order control, and solve abnormal orders and problems;

5. Organize and coordinate the company’s internal and external resources, assist the company’s marketing department, and ensure the efficient and orderly progress of foreign business cooperation;

6. Constantly research and explore new trends in the market and categories, monitor industry trends, and evaluate competition.


Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above, proficient in English; major in international trade, English, e-commerce and other majors are preferred;

2. 2-3 years of experience in import-related industries, good at procurement channel development and management, experience in beauty and personal care, mother and baby home cleaning food and other industries is preferred;

3. Possess excellent business understanding ability, good communication skills, business negotiation skills, product structure ability and output ability;

4. High sensitivity to product prices, proficient in product price accounting, and familiar with the price negotiation process at the purchasing end;

5. Have a clear understanding of overseas or import procurement business processes and systems, and have certain ability to forecast the industry environment based on logical judgement;

6. Possess good psychological quality, strong mind, adaptable to the fast-paced work mode of e-commerce, and have good performance under pressure.

Job Location: Hangzhou
Job Category: Procurement
Job Type: Full Time
Publish Date: 2023/08/01

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