On November 23rd, the “Silk Road E-commerce Day” was officially launched at the 2nd Global Digital Trade Expo. As a feature and highlight of the 2nd Global Digital Trade Expo, the “Silk Road E-commerce Day” activities include the “Silk Road E-commerce” International Cooperation Forum, “Silk Road E-commerce” International Theme Exhibition, “Ambassadors into the Digital Trade Fair” and “Silk Road E-commerce into the Digital Trade Fair”. This “Silk Road E-commerce Day” includes the “Silk Road E-commerce” International Cooperation Forum, the “Silk Road E-commerce” International Theme Exhibition, the “Ambassadors Entering the Digital Trade Association” and the “Silk Road E-commerce Entering Hangzhou” inspection activities, as well as the online activities such as the “Silk Road Cloud Products” thematic promotion and the “Silk Road E-commerce” live broadcast and other online activities.

Liu Bo, Chairman of Panex WD International Group, delivered a keynote speech on “Silk Road E-commerce” and Logistics Two-way Trade Channel”. He said that as a global leading integrated supply chain comprehensive service provider, Pantech International will help more quality brands, factories and cross-border e-commerce companies to realize global development.

Along with the rise of China’s cross-border e-commerce, the cross-border logistics industry is ushering in a rare opportunity. The development of cross-border e-commerce in countries along the “Belt and Road” is a brand-new industry change in recent years. The rise of local platforms is an important prerequisite for the growth of trade volume, while significant progress in logistics infrastructure not only reduces logistics costs, but also provides important support for “buy global, sell global”.

In addition, the new industry also put forward new requirements for cross-border logistics service providers. Compared with the traditional mode of freight transport, the unique needs of cross-border e-commerce has pushed logistics companies to control the whole process, the direction of localization of services to change. The booming development of Chinese industries such as smart furniture and new energy products also provides new opportunities for Chinese cross-border logistics companies.

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Honorable leaders and guests, good afternoon:

It is my great honor and thanks to the organizer of “Silk Road E-commerce” forum for inviting me to share a topic with you. As a representative of cross-border e-commerce integrated logistics service provider, you may not be familiar with Panex WD International Group. I would like to give you a brief introduction.

Founded in 2013, Panex WD International Group is a cross-border logistics service provider enterprise from Hangzhou out to the world. After 10 years of development, we are very grateful for the development of China’s foreign trade and cross-border e-commerce, which has brought us a rare opportunity, making us develop rapidly in the past 10 years, and helping many high-quality Chinese enterprises to go to the country and serve the world.

Today, my sharing theme is “”Silk Road E-commerce” and logistics two-way trade channel”. In fact, the role of traditional logistics in the entire international trade process is limited, just a simple logistics delivery, and more is just the same city transportation. But with the development of cross-border e-commerce business model, for our new type of international trade logistics service providers, more missions and more opportunities have emerged. Next, I will share with you.

In recent years, the cross-border e-commerce industry has risen rapidly, especially in countries along the “Belt and Road”. In the past, people paid more attention to cross-border e-commerce in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, but in the past five years, the trend of cross-border e-commerce in countries along the Belt and Road has become very obvious, and a number of local platforms have begun to rise, bringing more opportunities for Chinese cross-border e-commerce and overseas consumers. As a result, China’s share of cross-border e-commerce in China’s foreign trade has been increasing and is now close to 5%.

We also note that the trade volume of Silk Road E-commerce partner countries has grown from $1.04 trillion to $2.07 trillion. The development of trade cannot be separated from the construction of infrastructure. In the field of logistics, the construction of infrastructure mainly includes the building of digital infrastructure and logistics warehousing facilities. In the process of logistics infrastructure building, digital support plays a crucial role.

I would like to share China’s achievements in the past few years in terms of the “Belt and Road” and cross-border e-commerce logistics infrastructure construction. China has built 34 cross-border logistics corridors and several international maritime transportation networks. The number of Chinese overseas warehouses has exceeded 2,400, with a total area of 2,500 square meters, covering the global market. The building of Chinese enterprises’ logistics network provides good support for logistics facilities. The extensive layout of overseas warehouses reduces logistics costs and provides important support for “buy global, sell global”.

Panex WD International Group builds an end-to-end logistics supply chain for global customers and e-commerce companies, including Chinese brand owners, domestic logistics, customs clearance and international logistics. In the past, traditional trade often ended at the overseas warehouse link, and more often than not, local B2B traders handled the follow-up channels on their own.

However, the development of cross-border e-commerce has made the needs of Chinese companies overseas more complex, requiring consolidation, delivery and storage, as well as distribution, pre-sale demonstrations, installation and after-sales service according to customer needs, reaching consumers through localized distribution. Compared to traditional logistics that only requires delivery, we have taken on more responsibility in transportation, warehousing, distribution, and even to after-sales service.

Secondly, in the past, Chinese traders and brands were unable to reach the smaller B- and C-end markets overseas because they lacked the support of back-end channel services. For example, today China’s high-end home and smart goods are very popular among consumers, but foreign consumers will have concerns because they do not have access to back-end services. Especially for some high-value goods, they need the support of long-term localized service centers to provide better after-sales service. In this regard, Panex WD International Group has helped Chinese brands establish service centers overseas, putting the motto of “service comes first when brands go overseas” into practice.

It can be seen that China’s industry has reached world-class levels in many areas, including design, R&D and brand development opportunities. These great strides are mainly reflected in the following areas:

One, high-end furniture manufacturing and intelligent furniture products.

Second, new energy products and new energy vehicles.

For Panex WD International Group, this represents the growth of the cross-border e-commerce and export markets, as well as the successful overseas expansion of Chinese industry. Each wave of opportunity provides Panex WD International with the chance to optimize its services. In supporting these quality leading companies, we are committed to improving our service capabilities and providing a perfect after-sales service experience for companies purchasing Chinese products overseas.

Panex WD International Group has grown into a leading global integrated supply chain comprehensive service provider over the past decade. Currently, we have more than 20 holding companies and 78 overseas warehouses with a total area of over 500,000 square meters. In addition to Europe and the United States, we have begun to cover the “Silk Road E-commerce” region along the “Belt and Road”, with more than 5,000 customers, more than 40,000 products stored in the warehouses, and more than 300 overseas platforms and more than 2,000 offline distribution partners. Panex WD International has also started to cover the “Silk Road E-commerce” area with more than 5,000 customers.

In the future, Panex WD International Group will further strengthen its integrated service capacity in transportation, warehousing, distribution and sales to provide a perfect service experience for Chinese and even world brands going to the international market.

Thank you all!


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